Troy Kilby

troy1Troy began hunting just the same as many of us did, by going with his dad as a child. He can remember back to the age troy2of five trekking through the back woods of Pennsylvania chasing rabbits and squirrels with his dad. Troy’s love of hunting has grown throughout the years. Although he enjoys any type of hunting, turkey and whitetails are his greatest passions.

It’s hard to pick just one favorite memory from such a long and illustrious hunting career. There are two that come to mind. Troy was able to return the favor to his dad and call in his first turkey. After his dad dropped the bird at thirty yards, Troy rushed out to the turkey. He turned around to see his dad still leaning up against the oak tree crying like a baby. When asked what was wrong, his dad said that he wouldn’t understand until he has his on child to share something like this with. Troy now knows that, at that
time, he meant more to his dad then anything else on earth, even more than his first turkey lying on the ground.

Troy’s other favorite hunting moment was a couple of springs ago. His dad had unfortunately passed away, and this was the first turkey season in a long

Troy and his dad

Troy and his dad

time they wouldn’t be hunting together. Troy had taken some of his dad’s ashes and loaded them into a couple shotgun shells. He took his wife to his dad’s old farm and let her use his dad’s old shotgun, now loaded with shells containing his ashes. It was a picture perfect morning, and she connected on

troy3her first and second turkeys by taking two with one shot. His dad would not of had it any other way. He knows his best memories are still to come as he begins to take his daughter hunting.

Troy spent many years in the hunting industry operating his own plantation. This experience brings a wealth of knowledge to the staff. He also brings another unique perspective to Unlimited Outdoors. He suffered an aneurysm in his left leg a few years ago. This resulted in the leg having to be amputated just above the knee. He gained encouragement from seeing Wesley not letting his disability get in his way of enjoying God’s creation. He is now another living testament to the fact that with hard work, and most of all God’s help, anything is possible in the Unlimited Outdoors.