Tommy Walton Jr

t1t2Tommy Walton Jr has been affiliated with Unlimited Outdoors for many years now. He began in high school helping out anyway he could. His knowledge of the outdoors was hard to ignore. Tommy’s humor and outgoing personality has made him a pleasure to be around. He is also a very successful hunter in his own right.

He took an interest in running a camera and caught on as quickly as anyone we have had. His ability to tell a story through the lens of a camera, and his knack for obtaining unique shots has made him a trusted and favorite videographer of Wes, as well, as many others.

Tommy has used his God-given talents to help build his family’s custom call company, Tom Teasers. He has produced several commercials and videos to help promote the business. His talents were also noticed by the renowned Triple Horse, a full spectrum production company. He has been working in many different areas for the company while attending Georgia State University to obtain his degree in Film.

t3t4Tommy’s skill has impressed us both in front of the camera as well as behind it. But what we have always been most impressed with is his strong faith in Christ. His morals, character, and passion for the Lord are contagious. This is, unfortunately, somewhat unusual to find in many people today, especially a young man.

We have been extremely honored to watch Tommy grow and mature into the man he is today. We look forward to watching God continue to use him in the years to come. Unlimited Outdoors hopes we can continue to be a small part of his life.