Tommy Walton

t1t2Tommy Walton is a life long hunter. While he loves all types of hunting, he is as avid a turkey hunter as they come. While his accomplishments in the woods are too many to list, his greatest memories in the outdoors involve spending time in the woods with his family. He has spread his love for hunting to his wife and their three children.

Tommy never meets a stranger and his upbeat, jovial attitude is infectious. This, combined with his vast knowledge, has made him a fan favorite. There is never a dull moment around him. His strong faith is also something extremely important to him, as well as, us at Unlimited Outdoors.

After years of frustration with not being able to find a consistent high quality turkey call manufacture in his opinion, he began his own company, Tom Teasers Custom Calls many years ago. After much research and experimentation, Tommy began t3producing calls in his house.

His calls were designed with the avid turkey hunter in mind. With the market being flooded with mass produced calls, it was his goal to make a high quality call that would have consistent sound from one call to the next. Tom Teasers diaphragm mouth calls and friction calls are hand made, one at a time, to ensure the best quality.

His hard work and dedication have paid off, and Tom Teasers is becoming a household name. They can be purchased online or at a retailer throughout the country, including Bass Pro Shops. Unlimited Outdoors has continually supported Tommy and his efforts, as he has ours. We look forward to sharing many more memories for many years to come.

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