Jeff HammondIn my opinion, Wesley Jones is the United States Marine of the outdoor world. I say that because they always preach in the Marine Corps. to adapt, to improvise, to overcome, and this young man exemplifies that. The time I spent with him gave me a totally new appreciation for what a man can do.  All you have to do is have the right attitude, and it’s great to be around someone like that. He’s someone I’m proud to be associated with.

Jeff Hammond, Nascar Personality & former Nascar Crew Chief


David BlantonAs Executive Producer for Bill Jordan’s Realtree Outdoors, my career has connected me with many television opportunities… and I must say that after having the pleasure of meeting Wesley Jones, hosting his own hunting television show intrigues me like no other show I’ve ever been involved with. The tremendous attitude and ambition that Wesley possesses, and his genuine outlook on life inspires me like it does all viewers. I am extremely honored to be involved with Wes in any manner.

David Blanton, Executive Producer Realtree Outdoors


Stanton BarrettTo meet him was really pleasant and it was inspiring to see the circumstances of what he has dealt with. It’s interesting that someone has the ambition to take on such a task and create a show and do the things he does; it’s pretty phenomenal.  As soon as I met him, right away, I could see his personality was brilliant and there was something special with regards to how he approached his life and his passion for hunting.

Stanton Barrett, Nascar Driver & Award-winning Stuntman


Charles BillingsleyWesley Jones is a beautiful picture of how one can go from tragedy to triumph. His life is full of action, vision, and purpose. His testimony is one of power, purity, and inspiration. Wesley and individuals like him are my heroes.

Charles Billingsley, Award Winning Singer/Songwriter


Matt HughesI would definitely call Wes a friend.  He runs a great show.  For him to be in a wheelchair, he’s done great things.  My hat’s off to him!

Matt Hughes, 9 Time UFC Welterweight Champion



David StarrOne thing about being around Wesley Jones is he’s an inspiration. What he does with the abilities that he has is incredible. Wes has really made an impact on my life that I will carry with me for a long time.  He is definitely a role model.

David Starr, Nascar Driver