Shayne Goddard

shayneShayne Goddard’s passion for the outdoors began at a young age. He was allowed to tag along with his sister’s boyfriend when he was 13. It only took one trip for him to fall in love with the sport. Shayne’s dad began taking him and even sat in the same tree. In all the years the two hunted together, his dad never once pulled the trigger. Looking back, Shayne realizes that his dad was more than happy just because the two of them were spending time together.


Shayne with daugthers Sydney and Meaghan

Shayne went on to graduate from Auburn University and then pursued his Master’s in Education from Columbus State University. He began his professional career as a teacher. Later, he took an opportunity with the Georgia Sheriffs’ Association. He now is the State Property Manager and a Development Officer for the Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes/Georgia Sheriffs’ Association.

His hunting experience has grown tremendously since he was a kid. He has hunted numerous game species in a variety of states and in Mexico. But Georgia still remains his home and his favorite place to hunt. He has taken many trophy deer ranging from the 120’s PY to 174 BC. His success in the woods landed him a nomination from Realtree’s David Blanton as one of the top deer hunters you have never heard of. The secret is out now. He has appeared on several shows including, of course, Unlimited Outdoors and The Incomplete Deer Hunter with Jeff Foxworthy.

The Goddards

With all of his different outdoor opportunities, Shayne’s favorite memory is easily spending the day fishing with his dad shortly after he was diagnosed with stage four cancer. That day, those hours of precious time were the greatest memory he has of the outdoors. God healed his dad and he has been cancer free since January of 2011. Each day since then continues to be among his best. Shayne continually gives thanks to God for having more time with his dad. His faith and family continue to be his first priority. He resides in Georgia with his wife, Sonya, and twin girls, Sydney and Meaghan.

Shayne’s best advice he could give someone who hunts or is interested in beginning is to truly love it. The family, friends, smells, views, and the memories will make you who you are.

Shayne guides deer, turkey, and alligator hunts as well through his company, Sandy Bottoms Outdoor Services. He also breeds and trains Texas Blue Lacy tracking dogs. He is sought after in the West Point Lake area of Georgia for his dogs tracking abilities.

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