Kris Pope

k1 copyk2Kris Pope has been hunting as long as he can remember. It has always been a part of his and his family’s life. There is not much this Georgia native hasn’t hunted or trapped. Whether it’s trying to outwit an arctic fox in Alaska, or drum up the interest of a call shy eastern wild turkey, this prostaffer is up for the challenge. His best hunting memory still remains that of the first deer he harvested, a nice 9 pointer, while hunting with his dad.

His passion for trapping eventually led him to a great interest in alligators. Having taken many alligators of his own, Kris began guiding many others and had much success in helping them to fill their tags, including Wes. This success has landed him with the opportunity as a nuisance alligator trapper in northwest Florida.

Kris his wife Kendra with her 1st deer

Kris his wife Kendra with her 1st deer

Kris graduated with his masters degree in Forestry Management from the University of Georgia. He has used his degree, along with his years of outdoor knowledge, to work as a forester responsible for the management of thousands of acres.

He currently resides in Florida with his wife Kendra. Whether it be in the deer stand or nestled in a duck blind, Kris can usually be found in the outdoors when he’s not working. He is also a sought after alligator guide in the southeast. If you are lucky enough to draw a tag, give kris a shout. ( Although he sees it as a privilege to be a part of Unlimited Outdoors, we are truly the ones that are honored to have him on board.