When tragedy strikes a family there are many emotions and challenges that consume the family unit.  Besides the obvious individual directly affected by the experienced trauma, the entire family is emotional and financially impacted by this life changing event.

There are numerous foundations that have touched many people’s lives. Most focus on either the victim or the victim’s family, but not both at the same time. This is one of the many things that set The Triumph Foundation apart from other organizations.

The foundation realizes the importance of helping and rebuilding the entire family as a whole. There are many stages during the grieving process. For this reason, Triumph Over Tragedy Foundation has broken its assistance into three main categories; the initial onset of illness or injury, adapting to life after the illness or injury, and finally, an escape from the stress caused from the illness or injury.

Triumph Over Tragedy Foundation is there to lend help from the initial onset of illness or injury. This is an extremely difficult time for the entire family. The impact of the illness or injury has not completely set in.

couple prayingThere are many feelings consuming the entire family. The Jones family remembers how much they were touched by the gift of a simple care package. Triumph Over Tragedy Foundation care packages will include such things as snacks, inspirational and devotional books, educational materials about the current experience and something as simple as a roll of quarters for the vending machines.

It may not sound like much, but these little gifts let the family know that they are not alone, and that there are people out there, that not only care about them, but know what they are going through. A Pastoral Care Team will also be in place and will expand as the foundation does. They will be knowledgeable in grief counseling to help in comforting the entire family by visits and making themselves available by phone.

The next category that Triumph Over Tragedy Foundation will focus on is adapting to life after the illness or injury. In many cases, this is the hardest time for the family. They are no longer in the structural comfort of the hospital environment, but back in their homes that they once knew.

Unfortunately, things are no longer as they had been. This is often when the shock and realization sets in as to the impact the illness or injury has had, and will have, on the rest of rampthe family’s lives. The Pastoral Care Team will play a large part to help heal the emotional scars that have been suffered. This is also the time when any physical disabilities will become more evident. Houses are not built with the disabled person in mind.

While insurance helps to cover many medical needs, they often will not cover home modifications. This leaves a large void that Triumph Over Tragedy Foundation hopes to help narrow. It may be the simple addition of a wheelchair ramp to gain access into the house, or installing hoist systems to aid in the transfer of a person from the wheelchair to the bed or bathroom.

Through Triumph Over Tragedy Foundation aid, the victim and family have slowly learned to cope with the illness or injury and begun to adjust to and regain a normal life.  But as you can imagine, the stress will have mounted up tremendously. The numerous medical bills and other expenses have also added up.

A vacation would be ideal, but many families that face these circumstances no longer have the resources to make this a reality.  If they do have the resources, now the disability has to be taken into consideration when traveling. A routine has been established in the comforts of a modified home, but not in the unfamiliar space of a new, unequipped vacation destination.

Triumph Over Tragedy Foundation will acquire vacation properties, ranging from mountain cabins to beach condos and have them modified to be fully handicapped accessible. These properties will increase along with the growth of Triumph Over Tragedy Foundation. There is no better way for a family to bond and escape their problems, if only for a week, than to be sent on an all expense paid vacation to a spot that will give them the same comforts of home.

cabinBesides having the unique perspectives of cofounders, Reggie and Wesley, to build Triumph Over Tragedy Foundation, they also bring the perfect vehicle to help grow the foundation by advertising and building corporate relationships through the use of Unlimited Outdoors; their successful weekly national outdoor television show.

beachBuilding Triumph Over Tragedy Foundation to unprecedented levels will rely strongly on the success of Unlimited Outdoors which reaches over seventy million homes a week. Many companies already involved with Unlimited Outdoors are excited to rally behind and support the brothers’ newest undertaking, Triumph Over Tragedy Foundation.

As you can imagine, there will be many families desiring assistance from Triumph Over Tragedy Foundation. While everyone can not be helped, it is our goal to help those in the greatest need. We know that Triumph Over Tragedy Foundation will impact lives for many years to come.