Unlimited Outdoors began as a dream between two brothers, Reggie and Wesley, in 2001. Their goal was to create an outdoor television show that would inspire, educate, and entertain those who watched.

Confined to a wheelchair since a fall at the age of nine, Wes has continuously had to overcome insurmountable obstacles.  Starting a television show from scratch would be no different.  No other quadriplegic has ever hosted a nationally aired outdoor television show.

The idea of the show was to take the viewer along with Wes, and allow them to see the extra effort and sacrifice that went into a trip.

Wesley & Reggie with Chick-fil-A founder Mr. Truett Cathy

After obtaining the necessary equipment, the journey began.  A core group of sponsors including Southern Company, Chick-fil-A, GMC, and Realtree was obtained. These companies joined in because they saw the potential in what Unlimited Outdoors could bring to viewers.

Wesley & Reggie with Realtree’s Bill Jordan & David Blanton

Unlimited Outdoors was one of just a few new shows selected out of thousands to air in 2002 on The Outdoor Channel.  After two successful seasons, Unlimited Outdoors spent the next three years airing on Fox and The Men’s Outdoor & Recreation Channel.  All three years saw Unlimited Outdoors hold the number one rated show on these networks.

With the popularity and fan base growing every year, Unlimited Outdoors had the privilege of greatly increasing its viewership with the move to Great American Country (GAC).  GAC is geared towards the outdoor enthusiast by way of country music videos and original shows such as The Grand Ole Opry, and, of course, Unlimited Outdoors.

The brothers were extremely excited to again be the number one rated outdoor show on the channel for the first two years airing on GAC. GAC’s audience of over 75 million homes has been extremely beneficial to the show, as well as, its sponsors.

In the past ten years, Unlimited Outdoors has grown from a dream, to one of the most popular hunting shows on television.  The uniqueness of Wes’ situation has truly inspired millions.  Seeing someone overcome such obstacles and be able to enjoy the outdoors has touched more people than the brothers had ever imagined.

As you read in Wes’ BIO, 2010 proved to be a challenging year for him. The year was filled with many setbacks; another tragic accident filled with broken bones and missing teeth, a planecopymonth long hospital stay of which he was on a ventilator for the majority of the time, not being able to talk for three months, and two surgeries on his throat.

Having completely overcome this horrific year has again shown people how much they can accomplish with hard word, and most of all, God’s help.

Wes is excited to be once again doing what he loves. This is set to be our most exciting year to date. The guys are spending a ton of hours on the road, and it is paying off with the crew capturing some great footage.

Join us in the summer of 2012 as Wes continues to inspire. The newest season of Unlimited Outdoors will follow along through Wes’ accident, hospital stay, surgeries, and most importantly, following his recovery to getting back in the woods.

It will be a season you don’t want to miss!